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Polystyrene wedges, Isoclines, Roofing felts
(with polystyrene), Polystyrene laggings

In our offer we also provide products used in the contraction industry for building insulating. We produce the polystyrene components suitable for roof surface profiling and terraces or balconies. The wedges and counter slope serve a purpose to drain the rainwater into the roof gutters. Due to the variety of roof constructions, the slopes are produced based on documentation provided by customer. The purchaser receives ready to use components together with the technical documentation essential to install the slopes on construction area.
The polystyrene laggings are designed to meet the individual customer expectations.

We offer:

  • isoclines (polystyrene triangles) laminated by roof felts or plain.
  • polystyrene wedges and roof wedges
  • roofing felts (polystyrene – wide selection of thicknesses and density, could be once or twice laminated)
  • warm windowsill made of polystyrene or XPS)
  • polystyrene laggings
  • frontage profiles


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