Polyethylene foam fittings

Polyethylene and Polyurethane foam fittings

The fittings insulated with polyethylene and polyurethane foams are highly resistant to mechanical damages with high flexibility and vibration damping ability. They provide the perfect protection against scratches during transport and storage. There are diverse types of polyethylene foams used in the production of fittings and packing components, such as:

  • closed cell polyethylene foam
  • chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam cross-linked polyethyleneEVA and EPDM foams
  • thepolyurethane foams (ideal as fulfillment of jewelry boxes).

Foams of this type are practically used in all industries including automotive , furniture and food industry .
They might be used as:

  • corner protection,
  • thermal insulation packaging materials
  • box filling materials
  • multifarious moulders used for packing the home appliance such as laptops, printers or microwaves
  • soundproofing
  • tool bag fillings
  • foam moulds
  • polyethylene foam fittings

Excellence in customer service and support is a top priority at Frost. Our team will provide the highest quality project of polyethylene and polyurethane foam fittings based on your measurements and appropriate technology in order to fulfill your expectations.




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