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About the company

FROST is an industry leading expanded foam manufacturer of high performance packaging and sale component parts mouldedin polystyrene, polyurethane and polythene. In addition we also process EPDM, PE HD and provide grinding medium-density fibreboard (MDF), polycarbonate or aluminum. We also supply facade mouldings, protection profiles and thermal insulation elements.

The company was established in 1998, primarily pressed theexpanded polystyrene (EPS)exploited mainly for construction market. Since that time we ensured on continuing growth and development. We expanded the production and storage hall, as well as the production equipment. We currently possess: thermal plotters, foam cutting routers, cutter grinding plotter machine.At the base of high tech machinery the production of polyethylene foam (PE), polyurethane foam (PUR) and mineral and rock wool was started.

Currently our products are use in wide range of industries:

  • Construction industry – the insulation of untypical spaces, architectural decorative elements or laggings, mineral wool and polystyrenemouldings.
  • Furniture industry – furniture fillings, upholstered foams, Bonnell innersprings, seats,
  • Packages – all kind of polystyrene fittings, polyurethane fittings, fittings.
  • Automotive – packages,item protection, electronics, home appliance, transport.

A multi-stage control of the production process from the moment of accepting raw materials to store to the moment of punctual delivery of products to a customer is of great importance for the maintenance of anticipated quality level of the offered goods.We are focused on continuing development to ensure that the highest standard of products and delivery is met at all times and the staff is well trained and motivated.

The Frost top priority is to introduced to the market, better, newer and more advanced products. It is this fundamental approach to quality that has not only earnt FROST its reputation, but has also gained the ISO 9001 Certification. The ISO accreditation was introduced in January 2015.


We have been taking our customers’ needs into consideration. This allows us to improve ourselves, our co-workers as well as the products offered by us.

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